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Sustainable Development

The concept of sustainable development is most definitely in fashion. Whether the company is a service provider or a major player in the chemicals or car manufacturing industry, everyone has their own set of arguments, which are not always very clear and are often not very convincing. It is therefore fair to wonder whether J&H is really worthy of this highly sought-after label.

Everything is crystal clear with regard to economic policy. Our very simple strategy is based on a long-term approach and the strict application of our founding values of independence, excellence and quality, meaning that the company's economic development continues at a steady pace,

We would personally add a more philosophical component: our interest in human beings and their relationships with each other. This is a summary of the work being done and initiatives being undertaken on a daily basis to constantly improve quality of life at work, social interaction, fairness and safety. In short, the permanent quest to achieve a happy community environment.


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