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It is the Policy of J&H Chemicals to provide a level of service that meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations.

The Quality Objectives will encompass;

Continual improvement of its quality performance, by way of setting clear objectives and regularly monitoring progress against them

Educate and train employees in quality issues

To develop a greater Understanding of the customer requirements

To develop products and services where reasonably practicable to meet customers needs

To encourage high quality standards from all suppliers and contractors

Through our Quality Management System, we are able to monitor the quality of the service we provide. By monitoring the quality of our service, it will help us to maintain, improve and develop our business.

Regular audits of our Quality Management System will be carried out by competent J&H Chemicals staff to ensure that policies and procedures are adhered too. The implementation of corrective action, whether from internal audits, management reviews or Customer feedback, are seen as a vital part of the continuous improvement process.

We are committed to the ongoing training and development of our staff, in order to enable them to carry out their tasks competently & safely. We continuously monitor and review the training needs of our staff and review their progress as part of the annual staff appraisal process.

Our company have won ISO 9001:2008 certification .


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